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Mother Gaia's Apothecary

At long last, I am announcing Mother Gaia's Apothecary!How often do you plan out a spell and it calls for 1/4 tsp of 8 different herbs? Or find a recipe for an anointing oil that takes a single drop of 7 different oils? What about that Sabbat incense recipe you wanted to try but it uses expensive resins you have to buy in bulk but will only use once a year? The next thing you know, you're putting it aside because you don't have the time, space or money to buy large amounts of all the different…See More
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In the Kitchen

All about cooking, recipes and other kitchen witchery!
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Crystals, Gems and Metals

Magical and mundane uses.
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Natural Beauty

Homemade cosmetics and toiletries.
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Clean and Green

Natural cleaning!
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Household Magic

Decorating, organizing, house lore and spellcrafts!
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Sustainable Living in the Coming Hard Times

Whether the hard times come from natural disasters, from governmental financial disasters, or from getting laid up or laid off, being prepared in advance is the smartest thing we can do.  Let's talk.


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I never had any other desire so strong, and so like covetousness, as that....I might be master at last of a small house and a large garden, with very moderate conveniences joined to them, and there dedicate the remainder of my life to the culture of them and the study of nature.


~Abraham Cowley

Witches Cottage by Peter McDowell



The door is always open to her kitchen

warm and bright,

She'll listen to your troubles be it day, or be

it night.

Her cat sleeps by her fireside, contented

warm and fed

As she casts a spell of plenty while she

bakes her daily bread.

Fairies dance around her while she weaves

her magick cloak,

To sit around her shoulders as she gathers

moss of oak.

Her cauldron's always bubbling on her

hearth of rough hewn stone,

A witch in name and nature from childhood through to crone.


~ Jan McDonald

(author of Cottage Witchcraft)


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